Despite the increasing popularity of academic filmmaking programs in the United States, some of contemporary America’s most exciting film directors have emerged from the theater world. Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again features a series of interviews with directors who did just that, transitioning from work on stage productions to work in television and on full-length features.

Taken together, these interviews demonstrate the myriad ways in which a theater background can engender innovative and stimulating work in film. Each one traces its subject’s personal artistic journey and explores how he or she handled the challenge of moving from stage to screen.  The directors’ collective knowledge and experience will be invaluable to scholars, aspiring filmmakers, theater aficionados, and film enthusiasts.

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With a forword by Emmy award winning writer                  
Steve Brown.
Honest. Insightful. Powerful.
"...Should be required reading for film and theatre students."
                                                            - Richard Ruggiero Ed.D, Professor Emeritus California State University at Northridge
"...A 'must read' for anyone who wishes to direct a film."
                                                                                             -Neil Goldstein, Emmy award winning documentarian
"What a gift for Student Directors! "
                                         -Johnnie Hobbs Jr. Associate Professor, The University of the Arts.
"An inspirational read..."
                    -Sal Romeo, Artistic Director of Friends and Artists Studio
"A superb introduction to some of the top directors of our time."
                                                                                                                                                                - Guy Gunderson, Emmy winning editor
"You just might want to read it twice."
                                                                   -Kimberly Gadette, veteran film critic

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