“Insight made interesting--that's how Susan Lehman’s interviews reveal the thought processes and experiences of successful directors. This is not a cookbook of recipes for success. The comments of the directors vary but the interviews provoke discussion about what is common and which experiences contribute to success. This is an enjoyable read for film and theatre fans and should be required reading for students. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Richard Ruggiero Ed.D, Professor Emeritus, California State University at Northridge

"Each of Susan Lehman’s interviews with master directors who moved from stage to film is a collection of gems that expose the art and craft of film directing with sharp clarity and honesty. Her book is a 'must read' for anyone who wishes to direct a film and is a perfect addition to the limited shelf of texts that accurately reveal the reasoning of practiced film directors."
                               -Neil Goldstein, Assistant Professor and Emmy award winning documentarian

"A superb introduction to some of the top directors of our time. Susan Lehman's book is a collection of truly engaging dialogues with twelve of today's most successful directors from stage and screen."
                                                                          -Guy Gunderson, Emmy winning editor

"What a gift for Student Directors! Susan's book exposes us to the Masters and their unique insights to the demands of composing creative stories."

ohnnie Hobbs Jr, Associate Professor, Ira Brind School of Theatre Arts at The University of the Arts.

“From the front of the house to behind the camera, this insightful collection of interviews presents the reader with a rare 'bi-focus.' You just might want to read it twice.”
                          -Kimberly Gadette, veteran film critic (Online Film Critics Society; Rotten Tomatoes)

Miss Lehman's book is a must for every actor to hear and learn first hand from such a spectacular group of directors sharing their approach to the work on and off set! Shattering all the misconceptions for the actor and empowering them as what to really expect when the Big Break comes!"

                                                                  -Hollywood Premier Acting Coach John Kirby

"Directors: From Stage To Screen And Back Again is an inspirational read for every director and every lover of the dramatic arts. The 'conversations' give an indispensable insight into the minds of some of the great directors of our time. I learned things that I can't wait to apply to my craft."
                                                   -Sal Romeo, Artistic Director of Friends and Artists Studio


"Give the audience the best seat in the house."
          -Rob Reiner

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