A Lifetime of knowledge
in each artistic journey
The Directors.

Paul Aaron

"The seceret to directing is to give a great dinner party."

Aaron believes that creating a great ensemble is the key to being a successful  director.



Gilbert Cates

"Look for the narrative. What is the story, really? Fundamentally, what is the story..."

Cates' key to great directing is finding an intriguing exposition, conflict, and resolution. 


Judy Chaikin


"I find great beauty in not only taking in the passing of time, but in looking at where we’ve been to where we are now."

Being told “no” made Judy Chaikin angry, so she bought a camera.



Lenore DeKoven


"Someone has to do this, someone has to break these walls down, someone has to pioneer into unknown territory and reclaim."
Dekoven views the director as a great collaborator who is able to see the big picture and help every element fall into place. 



Gordon Hunt

"I love working, whatever the medium is, I am there."

Hunt's background in directing voice actors has given him a unique perspective on the importance of language in theatre, film, and beyond.


Neil LaBute

“If a man stays in his house, it’s a play. If he needs to take a drive, it’s a movie.”

LaBute stresses the importance of character motivation in finding themes for great directing.


Rob Marshall

“There's rhythm in everything—how long a speech should be, where the humor comes, how you're building the tension..."

Marshall’s work as a choreographer and director has won almost every entertainment honor possible including the Tony, Drama Desk, OBIE, Emmy, and Academy Awards.

Jirí Menzel

"Always the audience. I am an artist, but also a servant and maker. I work for my client, the audience."

Menzel is one of the world's leading directors to come from the Czech Republic. His perspective on the actor's process greatly influences his directing.



Oz Scott


“Be a doctor. Be a lawyer.
 Have something to say about the world outside of your own. Study the masters of art to understand lighting. Go back to an acting class to remember how hard of a job acting is.”

Scott's personal approach to directing illustrates how important character is to his stories.


Matt Shakman

"It doesn’t matter whose medium it is, or what egos are involved, everybody, whether it’s in theatre or television or film, is trying to create the most interesting, unique story."

Shakman began his career as a child actor and has since transitioned into a prolific director. He offers a fresh perspecticve and a breadth of knowledge on the directing craft.


Jerry Zaks

“Getting the audience to laugh is everything. The sound of laughter in the theatre is the sound of falling in love.”

In Zaks' eyes good directing comes down to the ability to help actors and all your collaborators make the right choices in every scene or situation.


Joel Zwick

"When you go ahead and just do it, that’s the moment that you will overcome the fear. The process starts to kick in, and you realize what you are capable of as an artist."

The director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the most successful independent comedy ever made, believes that experience is the best way for any director to learn their craft.




Oscars. Tonys. Emmys.


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"A director must be a policeman, a midwife, a psychoanalyst,a sycophant and a bastard." 
           - Billy Wilder
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